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Chipping Norton falls within the Cotswolds Area of Natural Beauty (AONB). This AONB covers an area of 2,038sq kms (790sq miles) and is characterised by a distinctive relationship between market towns and the rural landscape in which they have developed.

Social, cultural and historical influences are in evidence throughout the AONB and the unique character is evident in patterns of fields, trees, hedges, townscapes, villages and buildings. Human settlements form a key part of the local landscape and looking at the historic pattern of development in Chipping Norton, it is clear that it has developed as a town within a valley and shows strong evidence of the natural growth patterns that are associated with this.

In developing the design approach to this site the scheme has taken on board the natural contours of the land, and valley side location, keeping development to the higher areas of the valley side, closer to the existing buildings.

The design and layout of new buildings should reflect the local character and identity of this market town. The location of the site presents a real opportunity to enhance the existing entrance to Chipping Norton from Churchill Road and it is considered that this is best achieved through a design which reflects the Cotswolds' style of farmhouse building typical at the outer edges of this town, along with high quality designs throughout the rest of the site.

Your thoughts, views and comments on this approach would be appreciated. The two sketch drawings show the new Churchill Road gateway to Chipping Norton and a view through the development down into the valley.

Tyack Architects Ltd

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